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PikMobile® is igniting the next generation of mobile photo sharing. Fueled by our natural desire to tell the whole story, not just post photos one at a time and see them lost in a news feed filled with advertising. PikMobile revolutionizes the photo sharing experience, reinventing the art of storytelling for a digital World with an intuitive, elegant app. By some estimates, more than 1 trillion photos were shot in 2015 with more than 1.8 billion shared every day via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Flickr. Yet, the experience remains largely disorganized and cluttered. PikMobile has been designed for photographers of all levels—from enthusiasts to professionals—who are frustrated by limits imposed by other mobile photo sharing solutions. The PikMobile app cuts through the noise and offers clean and creative ways to tell your whole story in the moment or over time.

Products: PikMobile®

• Available free in the Apple App store

• Coming to Android in 2017

• Patent-Pending System for Publishing Digital Images


• Revolutionary Storytelling – easily create your stories with multiple photos and captions.

• Superior Story Viewing – view and interact with exciting multiimage stories of all types.

• Clever Story Blogging – add more photos to stories minute-byminute, or over time as the adventure unfolds.

• Exciting Collaboration – invite your friends to add their photos to your story, and tell an even bigger, better story.

• Unique Attribution – every photo always has ‘credit’ to its original creator, even when being reposted or shared.

• Best-in-class Search – users can easily find what they’re looking for by searching story names and captions in addition to hashtags.

• Follow Other Stories – get notified when a story is updated so you never miss anything important.

• Great Discover – explore amazing photos, interesting people and trending stories. Full Social Media Sharing Options – cross-post on Facebook, cross-tweet on Twitter or share using email or text.

• Convenient Photo FX – built-in photo editing options to boost creativity by adding filters, frames, stickers and text overlays.


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PikMobile is led by executives with backgrounds in wireless telecom, software development, marketing, finance, and project management. This is the second start-up for co-founder Scott, who grew Zave Networks, a mobile advertising platform, for 6 years before achieving a successful exit with a sale to Google in 2011.

Scott Relf, CEO

Renee Relf, COO

Jamin Meyers, CTO

Elliott Singer, Business Development


Board of Advisors

Gareth Rockliffe

Skip Muller

Chad Fulgham

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Ashley Pontius
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