I love the simplicity of having a Story that’s always there as opposed to it disappearing into someone’s feed on Facebook. With Instagram, you have to scroll until you’re dizzy. I like being able to continually add to the Story. @brokinbonz

I love creating Story ‘albums’ on all of the places I’ve traveled; adding to them as I come across photos is another great feature too. I love PikMobile! @ruggieroswanson

It’s All About The Story

As a professional photographer, I have a blog called ‘A Photographer’s Thoughts’ and PikMobile let’s me share my photos and blog too – that’s why I love it. I will not continue with Instagram – I’m using PikMobile totally. @valindahenry

Very user friendly. I like being an early adopter and I know my exposure will grow. I love the collaboration on Stories, and the attribution if someone reposts my photography. I was on a lot of other sites and very distracted. I liked creating the Stories and have started using PikMobile more and more.  @elizabethphotography

I love this app! I enjoy taking photos and seeing other people’s, too. On PikMobile there is no drama, just people with their cameras sharing their vision of what they see through the lens @paulasparks

I’m a professional photographer and co-organizer of a photo meet-up group of 1500 members in South Jersey. We do shoots, walking tours and educational workshops on Photoshop, social media etc. I’ll definitely slot PikMobile in for the social media one. I like the presentation that PikMobile offers with their Stories I like a slide show vs. a vertical feed presentation. @ecajoe

I just found PikMobile advertised on Instagram. Normally I don’t pay attention to ads, but today, I was looking for an alternative to Instagram because I’m just not having fun there anymore. This app looks FUN! So much more to offer over Instagram. And if you’re an artist of any kind, you will love the app. Nobody is controlling your feed, all the features of Instagram and then some. So much more interactive. I’m telling my friends too (No they are not paying me to say this, I’m just a random person who is glad to find a cool alternative) @jissocial